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A strong awareness of the need for a qualitative leap in human resource development in the Health fields led to the Government approval of the creation of two more medical schools in the country. It was, however, immediately established that the candidate projects would have to submit profound changes in the medical curriculum, thus enabling renew the teaching of medicine in Portugal.
Under that provision, the University of Beira Interior embarked on another big challenge and submitted an application for an innovative project of the Degree in Medicine, a project which was approved by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 140/98 of 4 December. In it was proposed to the development of innovative models of training guided by scientific standards, educational and high quality care, which also links with units to provide health care would be ensured by an organizational model different and innovative.

Based on the assumptions set out, were outlined three guidelines for the teaching methodology in the practice at the Health Sciences Faculty:

- The creation of a pedagogical model that replaces the system of “traditional” teaching, plus subjects for an inclusive education system, based on setting targets and using, wherever possible, to problem –based learning.

- Emphasis on learning by students, to the detriment of the processes leading to the “storage” of information. Thus, the binomial “teaching-learning” is essential to place emphasis on learning by understanding teaching as a system to facilitate it;
- Control of continued teaching methodology.

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